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AMASTek Inc. was founded in April 2015. AMASTek is committed to becoming a leading firm of smart automation technology, and provides complete solutions for the automation needs of industry, agriculture and living spaces: data integration from front-end sensing devices, interactive connection of IoT devices, and production automation monitoring The system, to the back-end intelligent analysis cloud service platform, is expected to provide customers in various fields with the most complete services to effectively improve production efficiency and quality, and increase industrial competitiveness.

AMASTek team will also continue to improve R&D energy and improve product functions and quality on the existing basis, quickly respond to customer needs and meet market trends, treat industry problems as R&D issues, and provide customers with the most reliable and reliable The most efficient service also develops and grows together with the industry.


Founding Spirit

Based on Production Automation, Moving towards Intelligent Life

We provide professional environmental monitoring solutions, obtain huge amounts of environmental monitoring information, develop cloud data analysis technology, and solve the industry's needs for "increasing production capacity", "reducing costs" and "increasing product value".


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